Marketplace for Industrial IoT Data Partners (led by SIEMENS)

What is the pilot?

SIEMENS is a large corporation with manufacturing companies (MANU-Co.) and thousands of customers of their products on one hand, as well as suppliers on the other. Thus, it will offer its own data on a single data space or marketplace supplied by i3-MARKET.


What will i3-MARKET do?

In this pilot, the protection of sensitive industrial information is the key. Therefore, the i3-MARKET solution should enable SIEMENS to explicitly consent to who can get access to its operational data, and also withdraw that endorsement at any time.

In addition, i3-MARKET will allow the marketplace (or data space) used by SIEMENS to function as a broker of metadata information and to establish dynamic and secure contracts in order to allow the flows of encrypted data.

The foreseen data volume currently is 5 billion inputs from different suppliers’ transactions.

What are the expected results?

The pilot will pave the ground for giving SMEs and large industries access to industrial metadata via a subscription model, while at the same time reducing the risks of unauthorised industries (i.e. lease and supply industries) when passing information to unauthorised supplier and manufacturers SMEs.

Therefore, it is expected that with i3-MARKET, a) the volume of offers from different provider industries will increase by 30%, b) the number of suppliers and manufacturing providers will define a competing pricing model that will bring a revenue of 20% to each subscription in the marketplace, and c) the timeliness and cost-efficiency of the manufacturing process will result in a 10% risk reduction.


Pilots Environment

The manufacturing pilot consists of data sources, a dataspace to collect and archive a data and a marketplace that is used for offering and sharing the data with data consumers.
Data sources are in an industrial context, such as production facilities, production machines or offshore platforms. Those facilities produce data and transmit it to a data space by means of IoT devices.
The data space is a cloud-based platform for data collection and analytics. Siemens MindSphere is the product of choice.

The marketplace is a web-based application which provides a user interface for data providers and consumers. It is based on the Web Reference Implementation that is developed in the i3-MARKET project.

Use Cases

See: Task 5.1 Use cases technical description and specifications (M04–M31): – i3market external Wiki – Technology Collaboration (

  • Use Case scenario 1
  • Use Case scenario 2

Industrial Data and Data Assets

  • Data from an industrial production plant including motor data, power consumption and electrical measurements
  • Data from an offshore platform containing values of a two stage compressor for gas liquification




Flag of Europe

The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.