Marketplace for Human-Centric Sensing and Computing (led by IBM)

What is the pilot?

IBM provides various elderly care solutions and products which, among others, enable health insurers to prevent their customers from dangerous accidents, property developers with smart buildings to earn ongoing services revenue, and healthcare providers to implement telemedicine and in-home health care.

Thus, this pilot leverages IoT technologies to address patients’ and relatives’ needs while protecting autonomy, privacy, safety, and focuses on enabling well-being in a cost-efficient manner.


What will i3-MARKET do?

The pilot will bring data from stakeholders already collaborating within the context of the ActivAge LSP project, using the marketplace of the ActivAge IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIoTes). The goal is to increase demand by payers, providers and users, and to intensify the offer of solutions by industry, SMEs and financial services.

In addition, the pilot will integrate the Internet of Bodies platform to allow new use cases to be designed and built at a lower cost and faster than currently possible. The pilot will also pave the road for facilitating SMEs’ access to industrial metadata via a subscription model while reducing the risks of access by unauthorised industries.

What are the expected results?

It is foreseen that in this pilot, i3-MARKET will: (a) allow a 30% increase in the volume of offers from different providers, b) provide a revenue 20% to each subscription in the marketplace by defining competing pricing; c) improve the timeliness and cost-efficiency of the manufacturing process by at least 10%.




Flag of Europe

The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.