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Trust, Security and Privacy Solutions powered by i3-MARKET

Lecture on i3-MARKET Security as part of CS 6510 – Advanced Software Development – Northeastern University – Silicon Valley

Data Protection and Cyber-Physical Systems Security is an increasingly critical need when designing software systems security. In particular data protection, data privacy and trust are design principles considered as best practices that are gaining ground among the software design communities. These practices promote the quality of software development and valuable business across all sectors and industries.

The participants will learn about implementation experiences of decentralized services enhancing the model portability, with special emphasis in personal data security and user control and the user as the owner and management of the digital identity, thus digital identities reside within the centralized system provider, to reduce vulnerabilities to security threats and reduce the risk for valuable data be susceptible to malicious hacking attempts.

The i3-MARKET’s implemented approach for solving this problem, using decentralized or self-sovereign identities, has emerged as a successful solution in the form of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). The DID offers a unique global identifier linked to cryptographic keys, enabling secure control and authentication of digital identities. Finally participants will learn about i3-MARKET Open Source reference project and their implementations in different real market domains.

To download the summary of this lecture, click here.

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i3-MARKET Best Practices for Research-Lead Innovation

The i3-MARKET project activities and software development methodology is used as reference in an International Collaboration project with the USA at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) US – Department of Commerce,  with the objective of identify and define Best Practices for Business Research and Research-Lead Innovation.

The name of the international project is EU-USA C-BRIDGE which main objective is to define a set of collaborative activities to assist in defining best practices for Business Research, Incubation practices, and the Development of business Goals to identify principles for Entrepreneurship activities.

The C-BRIDGE baseline is the identification and adoption of i3-MARKET project research and industry lead software development activities, to demonstrate it is possible to validate this methodology in international contexts. Similar to the i3-MARKET project’s objectives the applicability for C-BRIDGE shall be domain agnostic and independent of the domain area where this can be used as far as the purpose is helping to transform scientific knowledge into community impact(s) directing market opportunities. The aim of C-BRIDGE is also to validate and promote the i3-MARKET design and implementation process as a reference methodology to validate and demonstrate its application for data-driven innovation and it proposes the use of smart city data as empirical experience for the research community and also for future commercial value.

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i3-MARKET Book Series





i3-MARKET Book Series – Open Access Forthcoming in 2024

Three books explaining all about i3-MARKET design and Ideas, Methods, Technologies and Solutions and the developed platform how to use and deploy. 

Part I – A Vision to the Future
Part II – Models, Technologies & Solutions 
Part III – FOSS Handbook

The i3-MARKET Book Series is an initiative of the i3-MARKET consortium to make all the project information, experiences, and results accessible to all publics i.e. General Public, Data Scientists and Researchers, Experience Developers, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Industry Experts.

More details in:                                                                              i3-MARKET Research and Technology Library

PART I – Abstract

In the first part of the i3-MARKET Book series we begin by discussing the principles of the modern data economy that makes readers more aware about the value of the data that is produced everyday by individuals and also in a collective manner, i.e. in an industrial manufacturing plant, a smart city full of sensors generating data about the behaviours of the city and their inhabitants and/or the wellbeing and healthcare levels of a region or specific locations. Data, and the use of it, is one of the most disruptive areas in today’s global economy, particularly with the value that large corporations have embedded in their solutions and products because of their use of data from every individual.


PART II – Abstract

In the second i3-MARKET series book we review the basic technological principles, software best practices, and standards for implementing and deploying data spaces and data marketplaces. The book provides a definition for data-driven society as: The process to transform data production into data economy for the people using the emerging technologies and scientific advances in data science to underpin the delivery of data economic models and services. This book further discuss why data spaces and data marketplaces are the focus in today’s data-driven society as the trend to rapidly transforming the data perception in every aspect of our activities. In this book technology assets that are designed and implemented following the i3-MARKET backplane reference implementation (WebRI) that uses open data, big data, IoT and AI design principles is introduced. Moreover, the series of software assets grouped as sub-systems and composed by software artefacts are included and explained in full. Further, we describe i3-MARKET backplane tools and how these can be used for supporting marketplaces and its components including details of available data assets. Next, we provide description of solutions developed in i3-MARKET as an overview of the potential for being the reference open-source solution to improve data economy across different data marketplaces.


PART III – Abstract

In the third i3-MARKET series book we focus on the best practices and simplest software methods and mechanisms that allow the i3-MARKET backplane reference implementation to be instantiated, tested and validated even before the technical expert and developer communities decide to integrate the i3-MARKET as a reference implementation or adopted open-source software tools. In this book the purpose of offering a clear understanding of the technological components but also the software infrastructures, and the steps to be followed to avoid overwhelming the deployment activity.

i3-MARKET has three industrial pilots defined in terms of data resources used to deploy data-driven applications that use the most of the i3-MARKET backplane services and functionalities. The different software technologies developed, including the use of open-source frameworks, within the context of the i3-MARKET is considered as a bill of software artefacts of the resources needed to perform demonstrators, proof of concepts, and prototype solutions. The i3-MARKET handbook can be used as input for configurators and developers to set up and pre-test testbeds and therefore it is extremely valuable to organizations if used properly.


More Details visit i3-MARKET technology library:

Research and Technology Library

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I3-MARKET ‘Data Markets for Digital Sovereignty’. Takeaways and insights from the online event

I3-MARKET ‘Data Markets for Digital Sovereignty’. Takeaways and insights from the online event

  • Key institutional policymakers and experts gathered to discuss the hindered potential of Europe’s data economy
  • Representing i3-MARKET, Dr. Martin Serrano illustrated the benefits of i3-MARKET Marketplace(s) Support Tools, including the newly published Data Recommendation Pricing Tool
  • Following EU efforts in fostering ‘data spaces’, i3-MARKET opensource software can help businesses and companies access, sell, and buy European data via secured channels

On the 27 of April, the i3-MARKET event on ‘Data Markets for Digital Sovereignty’ took place, hosted by project’s partner, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

It was an opportunity to gather high-level policymakers, experts and innovators to discuss the future of the European data economy.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the strongest privacy law in the world. Europe has taken over the leadership in privacy and data protection, with over 150 countries modelling their data privacy laws on the GDPR. Following this success, the EU has decided to include ‘data sharing’, ‘data spaces’ and ‘data marketplaces’ as new guiding frameworks for companies. The drive is to cooperate by sourcing, sharing and allowing data reuse, thus boosting digital value but never at the detriment of privacy and data subjects’ rights.

Following EU regulatory changes, stakeholders are now set in seizing the very same growing and fast pacing opportunities. Understanding these trends and their market’s impact. Identifying early opportunities and participating in data marketplaces initiatives is crucial for a steady company’s growth.

To this extent, i3-MARKET simplify the upscaling performance of businesses via its opensource software that integrates data markets, through APIs, allowing users to access, sell, and buy European data through common interfaces, secure contracts and trusted payments methods. The potential benefits of the software are several, and they include features such as increased revenue streams and enhanced innovation.


Recording of the event


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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.