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i3-MARKET Coordinator to present “Semantic data models for enabling/enhancing interoperability in Data Marketplaces” in BDVA/DAIRO Meeting

Project Coordinator Achille Zappa will take part in the BDVA/DAIRO Project Meeting on April 21, presenting the i3-MARKET research on semantic data models for enabling/enhancing interoperability in Data Marketplaces, specifically on the DCAT Data Model Extension and OCASUS Ontology approach that the project is employing.

This meeting brings together different projects that are associated with the BDVA and is an opportunity to present recent information from the use cases that i3-MARKET has analysed, and discuss with other projects on how interoperability can be enhanced.

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Meet the Partner: The European DIGITAL SME Alliance

Each month, we will be asking one of the project partners about what they do in i3-MARKET, why they are excited by the project and what they think the benefits of the project research will be. First up, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance!

How do you view your company’s/organisation’s role in i3-MARKET?

DIGITAL SME are part of i3-MARKET to make sure that the right people hear about the project: the end-users, the policymakers and the companies that are the backbone of the European data market and ecosystem and that can benefit from a better integrated European data market, and it is our job to talk to them.

Why do you participate in the project? How can i3-MARKET have a long-term impact on your work?

The European Digital SME Alliance works with companies that are considered innovators or frontrunners when it comes to the adoption or creation of new technologies. Yet even our members know that we are only scratching the surface when it comes to the use of data in Europe, and to achieve its potential Europe will need improve access to, and accessibility of, data, and i3-MARKET can make this happen. We are also involved in numerous other European initiatives, where i3-MARKET’s solution could be adopted or serve as a model for data federation among different stakeholders. 

What do you think will be the main benefits of the i3-MARKET to the end-users?

By connecting and expanding existing, siloed, data marketplaces, producers and sources in Europe, i3-MARKET will greatly enhance European companies access to, and ability to use, buy and sell, a wider variety of data in a secure, trustworthy and transparent manner. i3-MARKET will be an invaluable resource for all types of companies, from data aggregators to analytics companies, and connecting buyers to sellers will directly promote European innovation and a European data market that not only reflects European values, but ensures European digital sovereignty.

In your opinion, what’s the most exciting and inspiring thing about the i3-MARKET?

We are slowly beginning to see the impact of data strategies and application on everyday life, even with a fragmented data market. The possibilities and achievements that can be realised through greater accessibility to data have the potential to change the world, and i3-MARKET can help make that happen!

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Stratos Baloutsos presents the Business Challenges of the European Data Market

Stratos Baloutsos took part in the EUH4D Data Forum on 30 March, representing i3-MARKET. He was a speaker on the panel on Challenges that Businesses face in exploiting the European Data Market.

His presentation (available below) explored the misconceptions around how businesses can use and monetize data, the current business models driven by data and how these can generate revenue, and the difference challenges that these models face.

He then explained how Data-marketplaces can help these models achieve sustainability, by solving the “chicken and egg” problem and benefiting data owners, users and providers. He concluded by explaining that as a tool for integrating multiple data marketplaces , i3-MARKET can make it easier for businesses to exploit European data and power the growth of the European Data Market.

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i3-MARKET Coordinator Participates in BDVA/DAIRO Activity Group Meeting

Project Coordinator Martin Serrano took part in the BDVA/DAIRO meeting on “Embryonic Data Spaces in Smart Manufacturing Industry ecosystem” on March 18, presenting the project research and contributions to the development of European data spaces.

The meeting was an opportunity to present information from the use cases that i3-MARKET has analysed, and also featured a panel discussion on the different design principles informing the development of European data spaces.

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European Digital Day 2021 – follow along here!

The European Commission will host the European Digital Day 2021 on 19 March as a virtual event, organised in cooperation with the Portuguese Presidency. You can find the agenda and follow the event below!

The agenda can be downloaded here. Interesting topics for i3-MARKET partners are the discussion on European Data Gateways and the Green and Digital Transformation.

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I3-Market to join EUH4D Data Forum to discuss the Business Challenge of European Data Strategies and Policies

On 30 March, Stratos Baloutsos, from I3-Market partner ACEI (the Athens Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, part of the Athens University of Economics and Business) will be joining the Data Forum, organised by the fellow EU project EUHubs4Data, to discuss the business challenges that start-ups and SMEs face in accessing and exploiting the European data market. The panel will be moderated by Justina Bieliauskaite, Projects Director at the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and will also feature Marin Iuga, CEO of Intertechnica.

The panel discussion will cover topics such as the lack of support for SMEs and start-ups beginning cross-border activities, the lack of knowledge and visibility for opportunities to do so and data monetisation and business models.

This is the first time that the Data Forum is being held, and it is expected to become an annual event to raise awareness, share results and recommendations and discuss the strategies and policies from the European Commission regarding data and data use. The Forum will focus on four challenges:

  1. Legal and Ethical challenges, such as legal constraints regarding liability and data protection
  2. Technical challenges, including the availability of trusted data sharing mechanisms
  3. Policy challenges, including the establishment of innovation friendly policies and the identification of the right policy incentives
  4. Business challenges, as mentioned above.

The webinar will feature speakers from the European Commission, from the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) and the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS), who will discuss the policy issues arising from their respective areas, and participation from the BDVA/DAIRO.

For more information, including the full agenda and registration, you can visit the event website here.