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Trust, Security and Privacy Solutions powered by i3-MARKET

Lecture on i3-MARKET Security as part of CS 6510 – Advanced Software Development – Northeastern University – Silicon Valley

Data Protection and Cyber-Physical Systems Security is an increasingly critical need when designing software systems security. In particular data protection, data privacy and trust are design principles considered as best practices that are gaining ground among the software design communities. These practices promote the quality of software development and valuable business across all sectors and industries.

The participants will learn about implementation experiences of decentralized services enhancing the model portability, with special emphasis in personal data security and user control and the user as the owner and management of the digital identity, thus digital identities reside within the centralized system provider, to reduce vulnerabilities to security threats and reduce the risk for valuable data be susceptible to malicious hacking attempts.

The i3-MARKET’s implemented approach for solving this problem, using decentralized or self-sovereign identities, has emerged as a successful solution in the form of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). The DID offers a unique global identifier linked to cryptographic keys, enabling secure control and authentication of digital identities. Finally participants will learn about i3-MARKET Open Source reference project and their implementations in different real market domains.

To download the summary of this lecture, click here.

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