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i3-MARKET Best Practices for Research-Lead Innovation

The i3-MARKET project activities and software development methodology is used as reference in an International Collaboration project with the USA at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) US – Department of Commerce,  with the objective of identify and define Best Practices for Business Research and Research-Lead Innovation.

The name of the international project is EU-USA C-BRIDGE which main objective is to define a set of collaborative activities to assist in defining best practices for Business Research, Incubation practices, and the Development of business Goals to identify principles for Entrepreneurship activities.

The C-BRIDGE baseline is the identification and adoption of i3-MARKET project research and industry lead software development activities, to demonstrate it is possible to validate this methodology in international contexts. Similar to the i3-MARKET project’s objectives the applicability for C-BRIDGE shall be domain agnostic and independent of the domain area where this can be used as far as the purpose is helping to transform scientific knowledge into community impact(s) directing market opportunities. The aim of C-BRIDGE is also to validate and promote the i3-MARKET design and implementation process as a reference methodology to validate and demonstrate its application for data-driven innovation and it proposes the use of smart city data as empirical experience for the research community and also for future commercial value.

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