Using Big Data and Data Marketplaces to power
Digital Transformation for European SMEs

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i3-MARKET will be organising a workshop at the 2022 Data Week, on 3rd June, between 12.00 and 14.00 CEST.

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate to SMEs how the i3-MARKET Backplane will enable them to access a vastly greater marketplace of data, both for sourcing new datasets and providing their own datasets on European marketplaces. This will be done through an examination of the existing business models, opportunities and challenges that SMEs encounter with European data and data marketplaces, before introducing the i3-MARKET Backplane through demonstrations of different components and an explanation of how they will be able to use the system themselves.

The Workshop will be mainly divided in three short sections: the first section will be a panel debate, discussing how SMEs benefit from new digital technologies and the challenges of adopting new technologies and tools, as well as a look at the benefits to SMEs when they do so. The second section will look more in depth at the i3-MARKET backplane, including how the design processes have attempted to make the tool as SME friendly as possible, and demonstrating the backplane in action with the results of our industrial pilots. The final section will be a feedback session that aims to give the audience a chance to discuss their experiences and user stories with regard to data sharing and using data marketplaces and to discuss new business models that can be derived through the expanding data economy.

Digital Transformation has arrived and currently seems to be happening too fast for societies to truly harness the powers of the transformation. In times when the data can be seen as the new fuel, marketplaces for bringing value to data assets are growing ever more popular and data economy models are still being defined, many of the building blocks of the digital transformation still need to be developed. Digital Transformation is an opportunity for new ideas, disruptive models and only SME’s and Entrepreneurs have the speed and agility to adopt and adapt new business models, especially in relation to large industries. In order for companies to achieve this, it is important that they can access relevant, useable and useful data. i3-MARKET is therefore developing a technical solution – the i3-MARKET Backplane – to improve access to data for companies, powering digital transformation and the growth of Europe’s data economy. This workshop will be an opportunity to debate with international experts on Data Markets, articulating it over practical interactions and pooling experiences.

Participants are expected to expand their understanding of Data Markets aspects and open issues, and to identify and discuss existing and emerging solutions enabling Data Marketplace & Data Spaces interoperability, Security, Data sharing implications, GDPR, as well as open-source initiative and engagement.


Introduction to Digital Transformation and Big Data

NUIG will welcome the audience to the workshop

Panel Discussion with TRUSTS, Cloudbutton and i3-MARKET

The following questions have been suggested to participants to shape the discussion:

  • How would your solution power the digital transformation of Europe?
  • What are the challenges that your end users would face to adopt the solution, and how are you overcoming it?
  • Does Europe’s unique stance regarding data and data legislation (compared to US/China) present more challenges/opportunities for European companies, and how can your solution help them take advantage of this?

Presentation of i3-MARKET Solution: Introduction to the Backplane, Pilots and Open Source Platform

NUIG/Siemens/IBM/GFT/ATOS will demonstrate the platform and its application in an industrial scenario, before NUIG share the open source repository.

User Requirements and Feedback Session

Siemens and AUEB will lead a conceptboard session


Flag of Europe

The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.