i3-MARKET Motivation: Telesto Technologies

1) How do you view your company’s/organisation’s role in i3-MARKET?

As one of the three SMEs involved in the project, we bring in our agility and know-how in order to facilitate the various developments and team work toward the common goal of the consortium.  


2) Why do you participate in the project? How can i3-MARKET have a long-term impact on your work?

The project focuses on the creation of a backplane allowing access to a wider audience of providers and users. It will enrich our research background in terms of marketplace backplane development and reinforce our legacy in specific topics that we will work on through the project.
i3-Market deals with marketplaces in cutting edge technologies that open numerous research and also commercial opportunities for our company. 

We also intend to integrate the developed modules within i3-market in our portfolio of offerings as a company.


3) What do you think will be the main benefits of the i3-MARKET to the end-users?

The i3-market will provide the end-users with a larger choice of data to acquire and more opportunities to sell data, making it accessible to a wider audience than what is observed today in the market. All procedures are going to be secure and will use blockchain technologies so that the end-users can benefit of the advantages. Aggregating entities such as i3-Market and similar multi-sided-platforms provide substantial value to previously isolated marketplaces since cross-cutting collaborations and business models can arise, apart from critical mass creation in an integrated ecosystem.


4) In your opinion, what’s the most exciting and inspiring thing about the i3-MARKET?

It will revolutionise the landscape of marketplaces and the data providers’ and users’ way of managing data through a one stop shop. It is also important to note that it brings together novel processes and cutting edge technologies as well as renowned technological partners into a seamless aggregating ecosystem.




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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.