i3-MARKET Publishes White Paper

“Data is the new gold”, but how do we become successful gold diggers? In other words, how can we incentivize and connect data owners, data providers and data consumers, and how can we spark the light that will ignite the European data market? In our first White Paper, we examine the opportunities and challenges that European data marketplaces provide, before looking at the vision of i3-MARKET, and how the i3-MARKET backplane is being deployed in three industrial sectors to initiate greater access to data for European companies.

Authors: Susanne Stahnke, Siemens; Vasiliki Koniakou, AUEB; Martin Serrano, NUIG; Birthe Boehm, Siemens; Stratos Baloutsos, AUEB; Raul Santos, ATOS.

Download the Paper Here, or Read it Below!



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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.