IBM: Partner Vision and Impact

How do you view your company’s/organisation’s role in i3-MARKET?

“To bring in the viewpoint from handling personal data with all its privacy and GDPR aspects and contribute sample data and simulation approaches from elderly monitoring as well as insights from different elderly monitoring applications.  We can provide artificial intelligence expertise, and in particular, a realistic evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses and make available creative solutions to the consortium that use the good tools developed to support artificial intelligence without implementing end-to-end solutions that now trigger concerns. Finally, IBM can also bring the view of a big company in the information industry.”

Why do you participate in the project? How can i3-MARKET have a long-term impact on your work?

“Being able to develop platforms that allow the secure exchange of IoT data so that no individual building of IoT platforms is necessary which can apply to platforms initially in the wellbeing area and potentially later in the healthcare sector. With this concept Europe can promote its digital economy and help smaller and mid-size companies to establish a stake in these important fields. IBM is focused on supporting a diverse portfolio of companies in diverse industries with state-of-the-art information processing solutions that will drive future digital economies.”

What do you think will be the main benefits of the i3-MARKET to the end-users?

The availability of more useful IoT solutions more quickly and at lower cost can help drive the field away from the big data gathering companies that do not respect privacy.  The elimination of the need to build vertical silos with each sensing platform and therefore spread the benefits of European digital economy to more small and medium enterprises, which can make digital technology consumable and a cornerstone of future businesses. This will enable new business opportunities in the digital space.”

In your opinion, what’s the most exciting and inspiring thing about the i3-MARKET?

“Smart contracts that will allow exchange of IoT data without fear of loosing the investment as it is now the case with the normal internet platforms. Interaction with major players in Europe that are interested to cooperate as part of a future digital economy. Data exchange across different industry silos.”


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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.