DigitalAroundTheWorld event report

On 21 October 2020, i3-MARKET contributed to the DigitalAroundTheWorld conference with an experts’ panel on «Bringing the Data Platforms Perspective in IoT». Seven experts among the i3-MARKET partners were panellists in the session: Martin Serrano, Carolin Rubner, Septimiu Nechifor, Tomas Pariente Lobo, Bruno Michel, Jean-Loup Dépinay, and Cinzia Rubattino. They presented different perspectives on the evolution of Digital transformation and the role Data/AI/IoT technologies have played influencing it. The partners focused on four application areas of the project: Automotive Industry, Industrial IoT, Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Health / Active Healthy Aging.

In-house data is not enough for many organizations embarked in Digital Transformation. On the other hand, there is a clear trend towards capitalizing data via data platforms or data marketplaces. Tomás Pariente Lobo, from Atos, presented existing data sharing initiatives and data marketplaces and the need to federate these efforts. Therefore, i3-MARKET is working on simplifying access to multiple marketplaces.

Carolin Rubner, from Siemens AG, presented data platforms and marketplaces for intelligent manufacturing. Indeed, data platforms and marketplaces for sharing or trading data assets in intelligent manufacturing ecosystems need to be based on trust. Therefore, future i3-MARKET solutions need to integrate trust-enabling properties such as openness and fairness, security and privacy, consensus-based ruling, and non-centralized control to make these marketplaces successful.

Jean-Loup Dépinay, from Idemia, then explained that Data Markets need to ensure security of transactions and enforcement of users’ privacy, as well as new ways to control accounting, governance, identity and transactions. Therefore, i3-MARKET is proposing to base this control on a tamper-proof ledger (to register transactions), consensus-based governance (every changes approved by all nodes), and cryptographic keys (all transaction signed). Through a hardware wallet embedded in a card or a SIM card, we will target to enable this control for every users in a smooth way in their personal environment using smartphones.

Finally, Bruno Michel, from IBM, focused on the Smart Health sector. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an e-Health upsurge, due to overloaded health systems and infection risks posed by doctor visits or caregiver visits to support for elderly living independently.
To maximize usefulness and versatility of e-Health systems, monitoring needs to be coupled with artificial intelligence. In this aspect, human centric sensing and computing promotes moving intelligence to data and not data to intelligence, as well as the use of federated learning on local data. However, both approaches as well as use of simulated data can ease increasing constraints due to privacy legislation.


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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.