Digital Market for Digital Sovereignty
Digital Markets for Digital Solutions

Address emerging opportunities from the development of the European data economy, including SMEs’ participation in data market places and data spaces

SME Forum
New pricing tool!

Online the i3-MARKET Data pricing recommendation tool, helping businesses in assessing the monetary value of information and other forms of intangible goods

Industrial pilots
The pilots!

Check the domains where the i3-MARKET backplane was implemented and integrated!
The pilots examine the viability, test reliability and validate whether the backplane implementation it’s scalable in real industrial environments.

i3-Market Open Source Solution Launch Announcement
i3-MARKET Backplane Final version

The i3-MARKET backplane final has now been released and is available through developers platform!

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The i3-MARKET backplane is implemented by the consortium in three industrial domains, which examine the viability of the implementation, test its reliability and validate whether it is scalable in real industrial environments.

The pilots are implemented in the following domains:

  • Automotive Sector: the pilot allows the automation in generating metadata descriptions about the parts included in the extensive list of BOMs, thus expanding marketplace’s functionality. 
  • Smart Manufacturing: the pilot enables SIEMENS to explicitly deny or give access to its operational data, and withdraw the endorsement at any time.
  • Environmental: the pilot makes masses of under-exploited data from stakeholders in the environment and climate domains accessible for new players in the field in particular SMEs. 


The i3-MARKET project addresses the growing demand for a single European Data Market Economy through marketplace platforms’ renovation. It demonstrates, through industrial implementations, that data economy growth is possible.

The i3-MARKET consortium provides technologies for trustworthy (secure and reliable), data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and future marketplace platforms.

Special attention is given to industrial data and to sensitive commercial data assets from SMEs to large industrial corporations.

Project Stages

Click on the different icons to learn about the four stages of the project


Development of the Technology Requirements

i3-MARKET Technological Building Blocks Specified

Release Preparation for Backplane v1 and SDK

Design of Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans


First Deployment

Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 1

i3-MARKET Backplane API v1 designed

i3-MARKET Backplane Deployment Specification v1

First Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v1

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v1 Released

Integration, Testing and Evaluation

Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 2

i3-MARKET Backplane API v2 designed

i3-MARKET Backplane Deployment Specification v2

Intermediate Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v2

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v2 Released



Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 3

i3-MARKET Backplane API Implemented

I3-MARKET Backplane API Specification

Final Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v3

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v3 Released

Industrial use

i3-MARKET enables your enterprise to plug your data to the world. It has been implemented by players in different industries (manufacturing, automotive, etc.) – learn about the benefits of accessing data through i3-MARKET!

Our Covid-19 Response

As a mainly digital project, we are able to keep working on i3-MARKET with full force despite the current pandemic

v2 Release is built on:

  • Industrial stakeholders feedback
  • Consultation events with SMEs
  • Developers
  • Industry stakeholders
  • Collecting requirements and demands from developer communities and entrepreneurs

i3-MARKET overcomes current data marketplace integration’s obstacles by developing the missing building blocks for data providers and consumers, thus creating a more trusted European data market economy


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Flag of Europe

The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.