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i3-MARKET enables your enterprise to plug your data to the world — without having to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. Learn more

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As a mainly digital project, we are in the lucky position to keep working on i3-MARKET with full force despite the current pandemic. Learn more


i3-MARKET aims to overcome current data marketplace integration hurdles by developing the lacking building blocks (in the form of a software framework or toolkit) for data providers and consumers, and thus enable the creation of a more trusted European data market economy. Learn more

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The i3-MARKET project addresses the growing demand for a single European Data Market Economy by innovating marketplace platforms, demonstrating with industrial implementations that the data economy growth is possible. The i3-MARKET consortium works towards providing technologies for trustworthy (secure and reliable), data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and new future marketplace platforms, with special attention on industrial data and particularly on sensitive commercial data assets from both SMEs to large industrial corporations.

  • Webinar: Three pillars for building a Smart Data Ecosystem: Trust, Security and Privacy

    Joint webinar with the BIG DATA VALUE Ecosystem project (BDVe)

    On Friday, 23 October 2020, the BDVe project will host i3-MARKET’s webinar “Three pillars for building a Smart Data Ecosystem: Trust, Security and Privacy“.

    In this webinar, i3-MARKET experts will explain how the i3-MARKET solutions help overcoming data marketplaces hurdles by providing the suitable level of trust (consensus-based self-governing, auditability, reliability, verifiable credentials), security (P2P encryption, cryptographic proofs) and privacy (self-sovereign identity, zero-knowledge proof, explicit user consent).


    11.00 – 11.05  Welcome from BDVe

    11.05 – 11.20  i3-MARKET introduction and project context

    • Big Data and Data Marketplaces as a constantly growing field and a key sector in Digital Economy
    • Enhancing Data Mobility and Data Transfer as a priority for the EU in terms of the Digital Single Market / The EU Data Strategy
    • Trust Security and Privacy as objectives/challenges and central engineering values in the context of Value Sensitive Design and Responsible Engineering

    11.20 – 11.50  Three pillars for building a Smart Data Ecosystem

    Trust: Everything under control
    With the blockchain technology, i3-MARKET provides an open, decentralized, consensus-based system with a shared and tamper-proof ledger. With verifiable credentials, i3-MARKET provides trusted attestations that could be issued by a trusted party, and self-presented and self-verified by any stakeholder.

    Security: Unlock the data with a key
    With a protected hardware wallet, i3-MARKET provides cryptographic keys to secure transactions and data.

    Privacy: Meet and overcome GDPR requirements
    With self-sovereign identity, zero-knowledge proof and explicit user consent, i3-MARKET users own their personal and sensitive data and maintain the control on data sharing / exchange.

    11.50 – 12.00  Q&A with participants and wrap-up

    Webinar in collaboration with

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