Price of Data Workshop
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The workshop focuses on how data and data exchanges can be priced, with an interactive session using i3-MARKET technologies to dive deeper into how companies price data.

i3-Market Open Source Solution Launch Announcement

The i3-MARKET backplane v2 code has now been released! Visit our Open Source libraries to find the code.

SME Forum

On 31 January i3-MARKET held a requirements gathering Forum with innovative data users and providers to understand better how they access and use data marketplaces. This was an opportunity for i3-MARKET partners to ensure that the i3-MARKET Backplane is designed with user needs in mind.

Pilot Testing
Pilot Testing

The missing link between data marketplaces, i3-MARKET will test our solution in three industrial settings.

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Launch of the i3-MARKET Backplane

Now Live

v2 of the i3-MARKET Backplane has been launched and is now ready for testing


The i3-MARKET project addresses the growing demand for a single European Data Market Economy by innovating marketplace platforms, demonstrating with industrial implementations that the data economy growth is possible. The i3-MARKET consortium works towards providing technologies for trustworthy (secure and reliable), data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and new future marketplace platforms, with special attention on industrial data and particularly on sensitive commercial data assets from both SMEs to large industrial corporations.

Project Stages

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Development of the Technology Requirements

i3-MARKET Technological Building Blocks Specified

Release Preparation for Backplane v1 and SDK

Design of Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans


First Deployment

Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 1

i3-MARKET Backplane API v1 designed

i3-MARKET Backplane Deployment Specification v1

First Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v1

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v1 Released

Integration, Testing and Evaluation

Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 2

i3-MARKET Backplane API v2 designed

i3-MARKET Backplane Deployment Specification v2

Intermediate Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v2

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v2 Released



Implementation of Building Blocks for Release 3

i3-MARKET Backplane API Implemented

I3-MARKET Backplane API Specification

Final Operational Backplane

Release of Software Development Kit v3

Operational Marketplace Reference Implementation Plans v3 Released

Industrial use

i3-MARKET enables your enterprise to plug your data to the world -- without having to worry about it getting into the wrong hands

Our Covid-19 Response

As a mainly digital project, we are able to keep working on i3-MARKET with full force despite the current pandemic.

Open Source Community

i3-MARKET backplane v2 Backplane software is now publicly available to the Community. v2 Release is built based on industrial stakeholders feedback, Consultation events with SMEs, Developers, Industry stakeholders and collecting requirements and demands from developer communities and entrepreneurs.


i3-MARKET aims to overcome current data marketplace integration obstacles by developing the lacking building blocks (in the form of a software framework or toolkit) for data providers and consumers. By doing so, it enables the creation of a more trusted European data market economy.

Latest News & Updates

Watch our debate from the 2022 Data Week, where experts discussed whether the infrastructure behind Europe’s data economy is suitable for SMEs, and what could be done to help SME’s get a step up in the data marketplace.

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Flag of Europe

The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754.